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    9732双面导电胶带 Model: 3M 9732 double-sided conductive tape

    3M9732 Conductive Adhesive is a conductive adhesive tape with conductive cloth as the base material and double-sided coating with conductive acrylic. The product quality is stable and the conductivity is good.

    1. Characteristics of 3M conductive tape

    1.3M conductive pure adhesive film is designed to help save a lot of time for professional electronic assembly operations-from sticking EMI shields to

    Grounding and bonding flexible circuit boards and PCBs improves the final performance and reliability of your product.
    2. These durable, pure plastic films can eliminate screws and mechanical fixtures. Once allowed to use lighter, more dense fabrics and layered foil shielding materials
    3. Unlike other conductive adhesives that are easy to get dirty and difficult to handle, 3M offers an advanced adhesive and conductive property that is easy to use with pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes that can be used manually or mechanically and can be stamped into Any shape.
    Second, 3M conductive adhesive recommended role
    1.Shielded connection
    2. Static discharge III. 3M conductive cloth tape model conductive film: 3M9720, 7751, 9703, 9705, 9706, 9707, 9709, 9709S, 9709SL, 9723, 9713, 9719, 9712
    Conductive cloth: CEF-1L, CEF-1B, CN-3190, CEF-2, CEF-2B, CEF-3, AU-2190, CEF-8, CN-4190, CEF-6R, CEF-6, 7769, 9764 (Different on both sides), 9780 (different on both sides)
    Conductive non-woven fabrics: 7761, 9725, 7763, 9732, 7765

    3M conductive tape includes:

    1. 3M anisotropic conductive film ACF: 9703, 9705, 9706, 7303, 5303, 7393, 7379, 7371, 7376, 7378, 8974, 5363, 7313, 7396, 5552R

    2. 3M conductive tape: 7761, 7763, 7765, 7769, 7805, 7810, 9725, 9740, 9764, 9830, 9780, 9719, 9712, 9713, 9708, 9709, 9709S, 9709SL

    Among them, 7303 and 5363 are used to connect the flexible board to the PCB and the connection between the electrodes and wires. They are mainly used for the assembly of digital products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and notebooks, and are used to replace soldering and connectors;

    7379 is dedicated to FOG's LCM module, with good bonding and continuity;

    9713, 9703, 9705 are used for connection, bonding and grounding of flexible circuit boards, printed circuit boards, EMI / RFI shielding covers and gaskets;

    7761, 7763, 7665, and 7805 are used to connect EMI / RFI shields and gaskets bonded to electronic equipment, to discharge static electricity, and paste conductive fibers, foam, and EMI pads to the electrical enclosure.

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