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  • Technical index, density type and trial range of 3M flexo tape
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    Use plastic tape to seal the plate along the perimeter of the plate cylinder to isolate the double-sided tape under the plate from the outside world to prevent the double-sided tape from contacting the ink, varnish, or water, alcohol, and other solvents.
    After sealing the plate, in order to firmly fix the printing plate on the printing plate cylinder and remove the air bubbles involved, a low-density polyethylene film can be used to spirally laminate the printing plate cylinder layer by layer.

    1. The main technical indicators of double-sided tape Adhesiveness: the degree of adhesion between the tape and the plate cylinder and the back of the plate. Conformability: the ability of the tape to adhere to the surface of the plate and plate cylinder. Thickness consistency:
    Hardness: the resistance density of one material against the intrusion of another material: different densities have different compression ratios

    2. Types and scope of double-sided tape

    Low-density double-sided tape: rich in resilience. Specially used for high-quality dot printing and text and line printing. Specially printed on the ground.
    Medium-density double-sided tape: The resilience is between the two, which can take into account both the field and the network cable, and has good versatility. It is used for general halftone printing, line and full-frame printing.

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